Literary Theory: The Basics

Literary Theory: The Basics

Book Title: Literary Theory: The Basics

Author: Tayeb Salih

Format: Paperback | 280 pages

Publication Date: 26 Apr 2017

ISBN-13: 9780415538077

This third edition of Hans Bertens' bestselling book is an essential guide to the often confusing and complicated world of literary theory. Exploring a broad range of topics from Marxist and feminist criticism to postmodernism and new historicism Literary Theory: The Basics covers contemporary topics including:

reception theory and reader response theory
the new criticism of postmodernism
the 'after theory' debate
post-humanism, biopolitics and animal studies

Literary Theory: The Basics helps readers to approach the many theories and debates in this field with confidence. Now with updated case studies and further reading this is an essential purchase for anyone who strives to understand literary theory today.