Pure Derry

Pure Derry

Book Title: Pure Derry

Author: Northern Ireland Library Authoritty

Format: Paperback | 120 pages

Publication Date: 15 Feb 2014

ISBN-13: 9780856409196

It's the biggest thing to hit Ulster since the recession, and now the Facebook sensation is in print for the first time.

Pure Derry brings you local and world satire from Derry - the self-appointed centre of the universe. Featuring the best bits from the Facebook page in one hilarious collection - the jokes, stories and features that you've laughed at, objected to, commented on and shared over the past ten years.

Featuring stories covering Derry City FC's most glorious defeats, the Orange Order's disastrous wooden pallet shortage of the 12th July, the DUP's distress at the introduction of the Kia Provo, horsemeat scandals, Ryanair prices, and much much more.

And don't miss our special feature, '50 Things To Do in Derry', which includes such absolutely essential experiences as eating a gravy ring for breakfast, double-parking outside the Central Library, getting into a fight in the queue at City Cabs, and complaining about everything.