Reducing Meltdowns and Improving Concentration : The Just Right Kids Technique

Reducing Meltdowns and Improving Concentration : The Just Right Kids Technique

Book Title: Reducing Meltdowns and Improving Concentration : The Just Right Kids Technique

Author: Teresa Garland

Format: Paperback | 22 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jan 2016

ISBN-13: 9780994448309

Are you looking for a way to help children reduce meltdowns?
Focus better in school?
Better understand their feelings, emotions and self-regulation?

If you are searching for the answer to these questions, you have found them in this book!

Author and Occupational Therapist Deb Hopper has helped hundreds of parents, families and classrooms to reduce meltdowns and tantrums, improve concentration and become happier places, through her simple, powerful and effective Just Right Kids Technique.

This book explains how the Just Right Kids Technique can help you to teach your child to understand, recognise and learn to control their emotions and behaviour.

A variety of topics are covered including:
- How can I make 'getting out the door easier' on bad days?
- What can I do to reduce tantrums and meltdowns?
- How can I help my child to be able to sit in class, listen and learn?
- How can I reduce meltdowns and tantrums and increase concentration quickly and easily at home?
- What does sensory processing, self-regulation, "body speed," emotional control and behavior management have to do with this?
- Extension ideas for using this technique at the shops, school, out and about and at home.

Designed to fit into busy schedules, the concepts in the technique are easy to understand and the strategies can be implemented straight away. Through this fun, play-based approach to learning children will gain valuable life skills that will help them to feel 'just right' more of the time.

When kids are 'just right' they feel happy, safe and emotionally secure - resulting in less tantrums and improved concentration. The Just Right Kids Technique will show you how to achieve this at home and in school, and help kids to grow into happy adults.

Grab a copy of this book today and make parenting a little easier and have strategies that you can use today to help decrease meltdowns and tantrums and improve concentration.

Don't forget to grab the FREE "Just Right Kids" Circle Self-regulation model to print and stick on your fridge and bonus web training videos where Deb Hopper explains more about the Just Right Kids Technique and Model
Let's start reducing those meltdowns and improving your child's concentration.