Princess Jellyfish 1

Princess Jellyfish 1

Book Title: Princess Jellyfish 1

Author: Akiko Higashimura

Format: Paperback | 386 pages

Publication Date: 24 Mar 2016

ISBN-13: 9781632362285

Two very different worlds collide in this hit manga series by Akiko Higashimura! Tsukimi Kurashita has a strange fascination with jellyfish. She's loved them from a young age and has carried that love with her to her new life in the big city of Tokyo. There, she resides in Amamizukan, a safe-haven for girl geeks - the last place she'd expect to meet a fashionable socialite! There's much more to this woman than her trendy clothes, though. Their odd encounter is only the beginning of a new and unexpected path for Tsukimi and her friends.