Armies of the Caliphates, 862-1098

Armies of the Caliphates, 862-1098

Book Title: Armies of the Caliphates, 862-1098

Author: David Nicolle

Format: Paperback | 48 pages

Publication Date: 27 Nov 1998

ISBN-13: 9781855327702

The 8th century heralded the start of a golden age in the history of the Islamic world. At this time, the Sunni Muslim 'Abb sid Caliphate, with its capital at Baghdad, ruled virtually the entire Islamic world. Islamic military power peaked in the 9th century, but by the end of this golden age in the 11th century, the 'Abb sid Caliphs had little political and virtually no military power. Featuring numerous photographs of artefacts and eight full colour plates by Graham Turner, David Nicolle's book examines the recruitment, organization, weaponry and uniforms of the armies of the Caliphates from 862-1098.